Customer Testimonials

One of the best mechanics I’ve found…anywhere! 

– Terry

“Best mechanic I’ve been to.

Fixed the belt problem I had and let me know my brakes were in need of repair which I had been putting off.

Gave me a complete rundown on what needed attention in the future for safe driving.

Sawyer is honest, very knowledgeable, got the work done quickly.

Prices were fair and I would recommend this garage for anyone.”

– D.R.

WOW! Where do I start. Sawyer is the most humble, talented, skillful mechanic I have ever met.

From the very beginning he was very knowledgeable, informative and genuine. I had a HORRIBLE experience prior to taking my car to his shop. He gave me hope! He helped me tremendously with my car troubles.

I was seriously taken back when he did a follow up call to make sure the car was still running good. This meant so much to me because I know how busy his shop can get. He has definitely gained a forever loyal customer.

Thanks a bunch, Sawyer!

– Sarah

“I want to thank you for advising me not to spend any money on the 1996 Geo that I brought into your shop for struts and repairs. 

A less principled mechanic would have done a Band-Aidjob and let me discover, later and at some risk to whoever was driving, that the car was not roadworthy.

When I brought in the car, I expected to spend $500, possibly more, to make the car serviceable for my son’s girlfriend, who is just starting college. 

I and my family appreciate your concern for safety.” 

– Jane 

My luckiest find so far is Manchaca Garage. Martin has never once tried to cheat me, over charge me, or play any sort of game.  I have gone back half a dozen times for every thing I have needed since.  

I had to get my wife’s Acura inspected as soon as we got here to south Austin.

That down town Acura dealership, that one that sounds sort of like a type of silver tried to scam me with the classic scam dripping fluid on the steering casing and telling me it was both leaking and shot. They wanted me to spend almost $1500 to pass inspection.

I was really worried.  I care more about my wife’s safety then I do my own.  I told Martin that if it was shot that was fine, but I wanted to know.  He told me it was totally fine and safe.  I drove myself for quite some time just to be sure.  I had just moved in and didn’t know Martin then.  I could have saved myself the worry.

That was three years ago, and the steering is PERFECT.

Just today I thought I had busted my electrical system trying to jump my wife’s battery.  I have had places that you tell them you are worried about something and EVERY time they will tell you its busted. 

Not Martin.  He finds whats wrong, fixes it, explains what was wrong and gets your car back to you for a very reasonable price.

Finding a mechanic you trust is better than finding a gold mine.  I trust Martin completely.

– Dave F.

Manchaca Garage is my new go to mechanic. 

My boyfriend and I have a fair amount of mechanical knowledge, he was a mechanic at Subaru and I was a mechanic at a small business. 

They knew what they were doing and they didn’t try to add on anything we didn’t need. Living in an apartment and never having time, they are perfect for me. 

They were incredibly friendly and my car was done in 1 day! 

Follow up assistance/response was within the hour. The best at what they do.

I can’t express how many stars I would give this shop if I could do more than 5. 

Also, the shop dog is life. It’s worth going there just to meet the dog.

– Anna

Very knowledgeable and honest. 

Goes the extra step to make sure your vehicle is taken care of. 

Highly recommend them.

– Jim